Mini-split Repairs in Charleston, SC 

No homeowner wants to get stuck without air conditioning during a heat wave. It’s during the most excruciatingly uncomfortable times of the year when central air units and mini-split systems tend to get overworked and malfunction. Not every HVAC contractor has a background in mini-split repairs, so homeowners need to seek out an honest, knowledgeable team like Mura-Tech Services to get things back up and running quickly. Their training covering all makes and models of AC units gives them the proficiency to handle any complication a system may have.

Experience Pays Off When Repairs are Necessary

When a mini-split malfunction occurs, several factors must be considered. The first thing experienced technicians look at is the installation. Any unit not installed by their team could have been installed improperly. Poor installation can create more complications than homeowners could imagine. The techs then go through a checklist of procedures, from the overall cleanliness to the status of the drain line, to determine what is at the heart of the malfunction. These standard practices for mini-split repairs in Charleston, SC, can quickly reveal what is required to restore it to full capacity without the technician blindly disassembling the unit. 

Get Upfront Price at No Extra Cost

The constant financial stress of inflation causes many homeowners to dread the thought of a repair or replacement when their mini-split malfunctions. A technician will visit the home to assess the situation, inspect the problem, note the mini-split make and model, and evaluate the square footage it needs to cool.

This data provides them with the information necessary to quote to restore the air handling system. It also helps formulate an estimate option that covers replacement if the unit is not repairable or if removal is a more economical route to take. Either way, the homeowner can accept a quote or look to other contractors without spending a dime.

The Best Way to Heat and Cool a New Addition

The free quote process is also handy for homeowners who have built an addition to their home and need a way to heat and cool that doesn’t involve ductwork. Mini-split systems are perfect for this type of construction and help boost energy efficiency since the new space will not be siphoning the heat and air from an already established circulation system. Homeowners can reach out to companies like Mura-Tech during the planning process to find out how much the installation of a mini-split system will cost and can even look into a whole new central HVAC system for the home if so inclined.

Upgrade the Climate in an Older Home

Mini-splits are also a viable option for older two- or three-story homes with central air only available on the main floor. Attempting to install central air on the upper levels is often not feasible since it requires running ductwork within limited space. Mini-splits allow residents to set each upstairs room at their desired temperature or adjust the units to work together to create a comfortable climate comparable to the ground level. 

Periodic Tune-Ups Keep the Air Flowing Comfortably

To combat the need for yearly mini-split repair services, Mura-Tech Services offers routine maintenance plans that help extend the life of the AC unit. During a maintenance visit, the technician will inspect the coils, check the condition of the blower and condenser fan motors, test the response of the thermostat, and clean the filters. These procedures are an essential “tune-up” that all mini-splits need to restore efficiency and significantly lower the chance of an unexpected malfunction. These visits are typically performed before the start of the summer season but can also be beneficial if scheduled again when AC demands are at their peak. 

A Trusted Name in the Mini-Split Industry

Mura-Tech Services provides expert HVAC repair and installation services to the residents of Charleston, SC. The family-owned and operated business is bonded, licensed, and insured while also employing technicians that are EPA certified and fully trained in the latest HVAC replacement, maintenance, and repair procedures. The team provides complete honesty and reliability to every customer, garnering them a five-star HVAC contractor rating by the national Chamber of Commerce business directory. Whether a homeowner’s air handling system has an unexpected breakdown or just needs a tune-up, Mura-Tech Services is always prepared and ready to assist.