Air Handler Replacements in Charleston, SC 

A well-cared-for home air conditioning system in Charleston, South Carolina, can last up to 15 years. Regular professional maintenance can extend your air conditioner’s life, help keep indoor air healthy, and save energy. The air handler is one of the most crucial parts of an efficient cooling and heating system and sometimes needs to be replaced if problems develop. While air handlers frequently last ten years, some develop problems and require replacement. Mura-Tech Services professionals offer expert air handler replacement. We can also maintain and repair air handlers to ensure your system remains efficient for life.

What an Air Handler Does 

An air handler’s job is to deliver cooled or warmed air to your home. If your home has a split A/C system, there is a heat pump or compressor outside the house and an indoor air handler. These two components work together to keep you cool in warmer months a warm during cold weather. The air handler might be in your basement, attic, or closet and looks like a gas furnace. As the name implies, an air handle “handles” indoor air and distributes cooled or warmed air to rooms. 

Although air handlers can last the life of an A/C system, they may be damaged or broken and need to be replaced. You can count on Mura-Tech Services specialists for efficient, professional air handler replacements.

Professional Air Handler Repairs

Mura-Tech certified technicians can inspect air conditioning systems and determine whether a problem can be repaired to avoid replacement. Air handlers have several parts that might be repairable. If your system is less than ten years old, fixing issues is sometimes more economical than replacing the entire component.

Common issues that cause air handler problems include clogged fans and rusting components. Mold growth may occur if the A/C can’t pull moisture from the air or has sustained water damage. A sudden increase in energy bills might indicate the need for maintenance or repairs. However, frequent breakdowns and repairs could mean you should replace the air handler, and Mura-Tech Services specializes in air handler replacements in Charleston, SC.


Common Signs It’s Time to Replace an Air Handler

Per home improvement specialists, several indicators let you know your air handler should be replaced. If you notice any of these signs, Mura-Tech professionals can inspect your air handler and provide an estimate for a replacement.  A common signal is an A/C that freezes in hot weather. If you notice ice forming on your air conditioner during the summer months, the system has a problem. It occurs when evaporator coil temperatures fall below freezing, preventing cold air from circulating. The problem can have various causes, and an HVAC professional can diagnose it accurately. Freezing may be due to dirty evaporator coils, a clogged filter, or a refrigerant leak. A leak is a serious issue that not only causes a unit to freeze but could expose you to toxic chemicals. Any time you notice a refrigerant leak, you will probably need to replace the air handler, and you can depend on Mura-Tech’s air handler replacement services to get your system up and running.

Poor airflow is another indicator of air handler issues. An air handler pulls air from a return vent and pushes it through the HVAC ductwork. If airflow from vents seems weak or varies, the air handler’s blower might be failing, stressing the air handler and causing leaks. The problem often means the air handler needs to be replaced. In addition, a licensed HVAC professional should balance the air handler’s movement and air supply. A poorly functioning air handler can drive up utility bills. If your energy bills have spiked drastically, the A/C may be working too hard to cool and heat your home. Routine professional maintenance can help maintain energy efficiency, but replacing the air handler may be necessary to reduce energy use if the air handler isn’t working correctly. The U.S. Department of Energy suggests replacing air conditioners at least every 10-15 years. No matter how well made or cared for, air conditioner components wear down under heavy usage and typically begin to fail after ten years. Every part of an air handler can begin to malfunction with old age, including coils, condensers, and motor blowers. The air handler may develop leaks. If problems are related to an older air conditioning system, t is best to replace the entire unit. 

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